Crisps as they should taste.

  • Lye Cross Cheddar & Onion
    Lye Cross Cheddar & Onion

    Hand-crafted Cheese

    Traditional cheese-making methods allow this cheese to develop its full, distinctive West Country farmhouse flavour.

  • Kirkby Malham Chorizo
    Kirkby Malham Chorizo

    Finest Quality Rare-breed Pork

    We use the finest rare-breed pork and award-winning chorizo in this intensely flavoured crisp.

  • Burrow Hill Cider Vinegar & Sea Salt
    Burrow Hill Cider Vinegar & Sea Salt

    Vintage Cider Vinegar

    Somerset is the heart of one of only three vintage cider apple growing areas in England.

  • Unsalted

    Simple Pleasures

    Just great quality crisps made with local potatoes.

  • Biggleswade Sweet Chilli
    Biggleswade Sweet Chilli

    Locally Grown Chillies

    Cayenne and jalapeno chillies give our crisps a sweet taste and a spicy kick.

  • Anglesey Sea Salt
    Anglesey Sea Salt

    The Purest Sea Salt

    Flavoured with the purest, unadulterated salt, harvested from the sea.

  • Karnataka Black Pepper & Sea Salt
    Karnataka Black Pepper & Sea Salt

    The World's Finest Peppercorns

    The peppercorns Pipers use are the Tellicherry variety, considered to be the world's very finest.

  • Wissington Tomato
    Wissington Tomato

    Succulent British Tomatoes

    We use British-grown tomatoes and a special blend of spices to create a sweet but sharp bite.

What's new at Pipers?

  • We are proud to announce two new Pipers products. We’ve recently released our famous Pipers Anglesey Sea Salt Crisps in a re-sealable tub and we’ve also added to our POS selection with the new Wire Rack Unit.

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  • Available in four colours, we think our Pipers’ branded deck-chairs are pretty special. Just like our crisps, they appeal to a discerning audience with great taste! And if you’re quick enough to get your hands on one of the exclusive first batch, you’ll also be helping us support a fantastic charity.

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  • It was another year of ‘not going Downhill very well’. Nothing to do with our crisps - they go down amazingly well at this event. But our Pipers’ cart? Not so much! We really enjoy this event in the Lincolnshire Wolds but it seems we always have to retire after our first run. Maybe we should get our ever-reliable van drivers to take part rather than our warehouse team!

Crisps as they should taste.