Pipers are Supporting the CatZero Charity

Pipers are Supporting the CatZero Charity

Cat Zero charity sailing

Pipers are selling deckchairs to help young people navigate life’s challenges.

We have to admit, we think our Pipers’ branded deckchairs are pretty special. Just like our crisps, they appeal to a discerning audience with great taste! And if you’re quick enough to get your hands on one of the exclusive first batch, you’ll also be helping us support a great charity.

For every one of the first 100 chairs sold, we’re donating £25 to CatZero

For every one of the first 100 chairs sold, we’re donating £25 to CatZero, a charity which helps meet the needs of young people who, for a multitude of reasons, such as broken homes, drugs, crime or abuse, have fallen by the wayside. They have become, as society conveniently labels them, NEETS (Not in Education, Employment or Training).

Alex Albone, Pipers’ founder, explains why they chose to support this project. “We recently met a young man whose life chances were completely turned around by CatZero. He told me the charity had “literally saved my life”, by giving him the life-skills and self-respect he had previously lacked. He now feels he can be a useful member of society, rather than a burden to it. After hearing his story we felt we had to get involved; to help as many similar young people as possible to turn around their lives.”

“We recognise that the problems of society that lie behind these young people veering off course mean that becoming involved in this charity is not an easy ‘sell’ for many people. I’ve been asked why we would want to associate with, let alone become involved in, such an ‘edgy’ charity; one that’s working with some of the most difficult to reach young people and only achieving around a 60% success rate. For me, that’s precisely why it’s just the charity for Pipers Crisps to support; it’s not mainstream, we can make a real difference to people’s lives and we can offer practical help, not  just financial assistance.”

“We’re aiming to support the programme throughout the coming year. And it’s not just through donating profits from our deckchair sales, although that helps. We’re also giving a £5000 lump-sum but, more importantly, we’ll be exploring ways we can provide practical help.”

Award-winning CatZero leads these young people through innovative youth development programmes which offer challenges and support in equal measure. Over ten weeks participants follow a personal action plan, with activities and goal setting helping them to understand where they currently are and to plan where they would like to be. They complete tasks and learn personal skills; these may be as basic as cooking for themselves as well as more targeted life-skills such as preparing for interviews and giving presentations.

Cat Zero Charity Canoeing

They also spend time with local companies and business people to help them understand about the world of work. This is where Pipers Crisps can help, over and above our financial support.  We’re currently looking at ways we could offer work experience opportunities and for our staff to be involved in mentoring individuals or giving presentations to groups.

The final part of the ten-week course is the ‘signature’ challenge on board a 72ft racing yacht. Participants spend 6 days as a full crew member, demonstrating the commitment, self-belief and teamwork they’ve learnt from their development programme.

We’re very proud to be supporting CatZero both financially and practically. Look out for regular updates on our involvement with the scheme, which is giving so many local young people their first sense of achievement and worth, helping them back into Education, Employment or Training.

And, if you’ve bought one of our exclusive deckchairs, you can also feel proud to have helped!