Delicias Jalapeño & Dill

  • Delicias Jalapeño & Dill
    Gluten Free Vegetarian Society Approved Vegan Approved Free From Awards



    & Dill

    Our research has shown there’s a growing demand for strong, globally influenced flavours, authenticity of ingredients and heat, particularly within the millennial consumer market. With Jalapeño peppers sourced from Delicias, in Mexico, combined with aromatic dill, the aim with our exciting new flavour is to exceed our customers’ expectations with great tasting crisps.

    A Unique Fusion

    Our delightful Jalapeño peppers come from Delicias, a town in northern Mexico. Rogelio Bermudez is a passionate farmer who is determined to grow the very best chillies. Pipers have combined them with aromatic dill to create a unique fusion of tastes for our potato crisps.